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Our Travel Agent Team
Agent de Voyage Anna Bibbo
Languages: English, Français, Italiano
Contact Anna
Agent de Voyage Lydia Croitoru Elbaz
Specialty: Flights, Insurance, Package Deals for all destinations
Languages: English, Français, Romanian, Deutsch, Hebrew, Yidish
Contact Lydia
Agent de Voyage Nina Goldman
A treasured member of our team, with us forever in spirit.

Agent de Voyage Viviane Elbaz
Specialty: Cruises, Long Stay Vacations, South, Europe, Groups  
Languages: English, Français
Contact Viviane
Agent de Voyage Liana Finca
Specialty: Corporate Travel, Flights, All-Inclusive Vacations
Languages: English, Français, Romanian
Contact Liana
Agent de Voyage Jean Levary
Specialty: Flights, Group Travel, Europe
Languages: English, Français, Romanian, Hebrew
Contact Jean
Agent de Voyage Sandra Caron
Specialty: South America, Flights,  Bus Tours
Languages: English, Français
Contact Sandra
Agent de Voyage Tatiana Weber
Specialty: Flights, Europe, South Packages
Languages: English, Romanian
Contact Tatiana
Agent de Voyage Enzo Bibbo
Specialty: Cruises, All-Inclusive Packages, Flights
Languages: English, Français, Italiano
Contact Enzo
Agent de Voyage Florica Popa
Specialty: Flights, South Destinations, Packages
Languages: English, Français, Romanian
Contact Florica
Agent de Voyage Dave Brewer
Specialty: Value Cruise Planner (individual & groups)
Languages: English, Français
Contact Dave
Agent de Voyage Emily Robertson
Specialty: Caribbean Flights, Church Groups, Insurance
Languages: English
Contact Emily


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