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Terms of Service

The Heritage Travel J & A Internet site permits you to search, research, select and purchase travel products online, from wherever you are, and whenever you want, with complete security. Should you need advice in choosing your trip or planning your itinerary, please contact our travel consultants by phone at 514-485-6004 or toll free at 1-877-485-6004. Using the web site to purchase a trip implies your acceptance of the following conditions:

Role of Heritage Travel J & A
Heritage Travel J & A holds a Quebec license to act as a retail travel agency. Heritage Travel J & A does not act as a wholesaler or as a supplier for individual services or products included in a package tour (air ticket, lodging, etc.). All the products and services appearing on our site are supplied by wholesalers, independent of  Heritage Travel J & A. Heritage Travel J & A acts as your sales agent when we book and transmit your request for a reservation and your payment to the wholesaler. We also act as the agent of the wholesaler when we confirm your reservation and provide you with travel documents.

When Booking Online
When you book and purchase a trip on our site, Heritage Travel J & A can not evaluate your needs or requests. As a consequence, Heritage Travel J & A has no obligation to advise you. You are the only one responsible for choosing the trip whose presentation and description belong exclusively to the wholesalers. Heritage Travel J & A shall not be held responsible for the accuracy of the information supplied by the wholesalers. If you wish to be given advice regarding your choice, you may contact Heritage Travel J & A travel consultants by phone at our office:

Telephone: 514-485-6004
Toll free 1-877-485-6004

This Web site has no purpose other than service and information. It does not claim to provide exhaustive information about the products and services appearing within, nor does it make recommendations for the sales or purchase of any product or service. We advise you to consult one of our travel agents if you need advice or further details. The booking form you fill in and send constitutes your offer to book the products and services indicated in your form. Your order shall be accepted only upon payment.

User’s Responsibilities
You, the user, attest that you are at least 18 years of age, possess the legal authority to enter into this agreement, to purchase and use the products and services and to use this Web site in accordance with all terms and conditions herein. You agree to be financially responsible when making purchases through the Heritage Travel J & A site, and are solely responsible for your account and your password. You also agree that all information supplied by you or proxy members using this Web site in your name is true and accurate. Remember that false or fraudulent declarations can constitute an offence liable to prosecution.

Travel Documents (Passport / Visas / Health requirements)
It is your responsibility and expense to obtain all documents, (such as passport, visas, legal papers when only one of the parents travel with child, etc.), required by the government authorities in the countries of your destination. If you need information as to which papers are required, please contact Heritage Travel J & A or the consulate or the embassy of the countries you intend to visit. The traveler who does not have the necessary documents can be rejected by the airline or customs agent of the countries of destination. In such a case, cancellation fees apply and Heritage Travel J & A shall not be held responsible.

Terms and Conditions of the Wholesalers and Suppliers
The travel services are subject to the terms and conditions of the wholesaler and/or the supplier, of your voucher and tickets. We recommend that you take note of the terms and conditions of the wholesalers or suppliers before you make a reservation using the Web site. When you transmit your credit card number to purchase a trip, you confirm that you have read and accepted the herein General Conditions and those of the wholesaler and/or supplier. The terms and conditions of the wholesalers and suppliers generally include fees in case of a cancellation or a change in the products purchased. It is your responsibility to present yourself at the airport check-in counter well before the flight (usually three (3) hours minimum before departure time), as well as to be aware of the availability of the services at your destination, and that changes may affect the flights or the hotels. You shall verify the accuracy of the flight schedules 24 hours minimum before departure and you also need to reconfirm your outbound and return flights at least 72 hours  before departure.

Heritage Travel J & A is not involved in the preparation, organization, or provision of products and services of a trip, including package tours which commit only the wholesaler or supplier, and also take no responsibility for any flight rescheduling by its suppliers. Heritage Travel J & A disclaims any responsibility in this matter and in any damage, lost, theft, incident or injury which may occur during the trip.

Price and Other Information
All the travel services you purchase on this Web site or by phone will be delivered depending on availability. All of the prices listed on the Heritage Travel J & A Web site are given in Canadian currency unless specified of another currency. They include federal and provincial taxes, but they exclude delivery fees. The price of any travel services will be the one given to you at the time of your purchase. Heritage Travel J & A disclaims any responsibility in a price change that may occur before you have finalized your transaction.

Prices in Quebec
Certain jurisdictions regulate advertisement for trip prices and other tourist services by forcing wholesaler and suppliers to indicate only the total cost to pay for the advertised trip (including taxes, service fees and other incidental expenses). This rule does not apply in all Canadian provinces. Heritage Travel J & A will always tell you the total cost to be paid for the travel services you wish to purchase in accordance with the laws and regulations of the Province of Quebec unless specified otherwise.

Misprints, Mistakes and Availability
Information and prices of travel services come directly from our wholesalers. In the event of misprints and mistakes, Heritage Travel J & A and its suppliers reserve the right to correct prices and fees of the products and services appearing on the Web site at anytime, without notice or liability. Heritage Travel J & A can not guarantee that the products or services advertised on the Web site will be available at the time you wish to purchase them or thereafter. Heritage Travel J & A and its suppliers reserve the right to reject, correct or cancel a reservation or a request for availability of a trip. Should you wish to purchase products and services for which the advertised prices are inaccurate, Heritage Travel J & A and its suppliers reserve their right to reject your offer by notifying you orally or in writing. The price for the purchase of a trip is the one indicated to you at the time of your purchase. Products and services are subject to availability at the time of purchase.

Purchase and Payment
The travel services you wish to purchase must be paid, either by the required deposit, and respecting the final payment date indicated while making the online purchase, or in full at the time of purchase while making the final online purchase. If your purchase allows you to take advantage of only making a deposit, you must absolutely respect the final payment date mentioned on your online purchase, if omission to respect that final payment date, your reservation maybe cancelled without any notice by Heritage Travel J & A or it’s wholesaler or suppliers and automatically your deposit will be 100% non refundable, whether the transaction is made online or by phone. Heritage Travel J & A can not be responsible of any payments omissions. You can pay using Visa, Master card, American Express credit cards.

Reservation Process
The purchase contract is final only when you provide your credit card number to pay for your purchase, either for your required deposit, or for the final payment of your reservation, only then do you accept all in full the general conditions of the supplier. Before the moment of giving your credit card number, without which there is no obligation on your part, or on the part of Heritage Travel J & A or its suppliers. When you provide your credit card number during an online transaction or by phone to one of our travel consultants, you immediately and automatically commit yourself to paying either the deposit required or/and the balance amount at the date mentioned during the purchase process, the total cost of the travel services. Your account will immediately be debited for the amount of your purchase. If the name of at least one passenger indicated on your reservation form is not the credit card’s owner, your reservation request will not be processed by the wholesaler or supplier until Heritage Travel J & A receives:

1.    A letter of authorization duly signed by the owner in order to authorize Heritage Travel J & A to debit the card to pay for the trip, and
2.    A photocopy of both sides of the card with the owner’s complete address.

The purchase will be final only after having received this information. Meanwhile, the availability and the price of the trip you wish to purchase may change without notice.

Modification Fees
Any modification made to the original online purchase will be subject to a minimum modification fee of 50$ CAD by Heritage Travel J & A per file plus any addition modification fees applied by the wholesaler or supplier.

Purchase Cancellation
You must inform Heritage Travel J & A by phone or registered mail should you wish to cancel a purchase. Communication by e-mail or voice mail does not guarantee cancellation unless we have responded accordingly to these messages. Once your purchase is complete, you are subject to the cancellation or change fee that wholesalers or suppliers require. You may refer to the terms and conditions of the wholesaler or supplier of the travel services that you have bought. In addition to the fees of the wholesalers and suppliers, Heritage Travel J & A requires a minimum of $50.00 per person per file in case of cancellation or change regarding a purchase.

Document Delivery
After you have completed your transaction, Heritage Travel J & A will e-mail you to confirm the travel services that you have purchased. Please make sure that all of the information is correct and refer to your e-mail confirmation for any further request regarding your purchase. The tour operator or supplier usually delivers the tickets the to Heritage Travel J & A 14 to 21 days prior to departure. Tickets/vouchers can be pick-up at our office, airport pick-up ( packages, chartered flights ), or be delivered to you by mail by Canada Post, free of charge or  according to the method you choose: by courrier or Xpress Canada Post a minimum of 10$ delivery fee can be charged. Free of charge if it is an electronic ticketing. In requesting an airport pick-up the customer is fully responsible for complying with the conditions as stated by the supplier and for any mistake that could appear on the travel documents. It is your responsibility to verify all travel documents for errors prior to your trip, subject to modification fees for any corrections.

Travel Insurance
Heritage Travel J & A recommends that travelers acquire travel insurance to cover you for cancellation, health, luggage, etc. Heritage Travel J & A is not an insurance company, but offers you (among others) RBC and Blue Cross Insurance products. Other insurance companies also offer travel insurance. The decision to purchase insurance or not is solely your responsibility, as is the onus to be aware of the types of protection and the clauses of any insurance policy you may acquire. Heritage Travel J & A shall disclaim its responsibility in the case that the insurance company should refuse coverage, for whatever reason. Insurance policies impose exclusion especially but not exclusively in case of preexisting medical conditions. They also require time limits and procedures to put in a claim. The coverage offered by different insurance policies may vary. Once you have purchased a trip, RBC and Blue Cross Insurance allows you to buy travel insurance within 48 hours for cancellation. You can also increase the coverage of an insurance package already bought from RBC or Blue Cross Insurance, please call us.
You can buy travel insurance by calling us at 514-485-6004  

Restrictions to Personal and Non-Commercial Use
Heritage Travel J & A is for your personal use only, and not for commercial purposes. Copyright laws prohibit modification, copying, distribution, transmission, display, performance, reproduction, publishing or selling any information, software, products, or services obtained from the Heritage Travel J & A site. Creation of derivative works or licenses is also prohibited. You may only use this site to look for information on available travel-related goods and services, and to make legitimate reservations or purchases. It is unlawful to make any speculative, false or fraudulent reservation or any reservation in anticipation of demand using this Web site.

Violation of Rules and Regulations
Inappropriate or unlawful use of this Web site will result in the refusal of access.

Privacy and Confidentiality
To ensure the successful fulfillment of your travel arrangements, Heritage Travel J & A is required to provide information (such as name and address) about you and your purchase to the wholesaler, airline, or supplier. Heritage Travel J & A commits itself to respect the privacy of its customers. Names and information pertaining to customers shall not be given, leased or sold to third parties. All communication with Heritage Travel J & A remains confidential. Heritage Travel J & A will not send you any unsolicited information.

Copyright / Trademarks
All content including text, photos, buttons, icons, images and software appearing on this site are protected by Canadian and international copyright laws. Copyright laws prohibit modification, copying, distribution, transmission, display, performance, reproduction, publishing or selling any information, software, products, or services obtained from the Heritage Travel J & A. creation of derivative works or licenses is also prohibited.

Governing Laws
The present General Conditions and their enforcement are subject to the laws and regulations in the province of Quebec, district of Montreal.

Links to Other Sites
Links to other websites included in this site are provided for information purpose only and do not imply endorsement on the part of Heritage Travel J & A. Heritage Travel J & A does not guarantee the security of Web sites other than its own. It is strictly prohibited to link  this Web site without the express written permission of Heritage Travel J & A. Heritage Travel J & A reserves the right to cancel and revoke any permission it may give to link to this Web site at any time without notice or liability. The framing of this Web site or any of its content is strictly prohibited.

Damages From Using Our Site
Heritage Travel J & A claims no responsibility and shall not be liable for any damage or viruses that may infect your computer equipment as a result of using this site. In no event shall Heritage Travel J & A or any third party suppliers or distributors be liable for any damage of any kind, be they punitive, exemplary, direct or indirect, or for any physical or moral damages which would arise out of any use of its site. Use of this site is at your own risk. Contents, text, booking engine and all other parts of this website are provided as-is and are offered without any guarantees.

You may not assign, convey, subcontract or delegate your rights, duties or obligations hereunder.

Modification of Terms
Heritage Travel J & A may at any time modify these General Conditions. Your continued use of this site will be provisional upon the conditions in effect at the time of your use.

Legal Applications
In the event that any provision in the General Conditions is determined to be unenforceable or invalid, such provision shall nonetheless be enforced to the fullest extent permitted by applicable law, and such determination shall not affect the validity and enforceability of any other provisions.

Entire Agreement
These General Conditions, together with any conditions incorporated or referred to herein constitute the entire agreement between Heritage Travel J & A and its clients and customers relating to the subject matter hereof, and takes priority over any prior understandings or agreements regarding the subject matter, and may not be amended or modified except in writing or by making such amendments or modifications available on this site.

Complaint Resolution

To submit a complaint, write to:

Heritage Travel J & A
8300 Bougainville
Montreal, Quebec, H4P 2G1

Phone: (514) 485-6004 ext 229
Toll Free: 1-877-485-6004
Fax: (514) 485-4859

You can file a complaint by phone, by email, by fax or by e-mail. We treat all received complaints with priority and will respond to them within 10 days, free of charge.

Other Information

New regulation from the Quebec OPC. You must now pay a 0.35% fee on all travel products bought in the Province of Quebec. You are then protected from failure or closing of travel suppliers (travel agency, wholesaler, airlines etc up to $3000.00 per/person).


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